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About 1st Light Energy

1st Light Energy Inc. was founded in January of 2005 with the vision to provide alternative energy solutions that positively impact our environment with solid financial returns for our customers – both residential and commercial. Through this vision, we have become one of the most experienced solar companies in the Nation. Many of our employees at 1st Light Energy started in the solar industry in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.


Utility companies are continually raising rates. Avoid these rising rates by installing a residential solar panel system. By producing your own power, you will always pay less for your energy.  Save money today with solar purchase options like $0 down and instant monthly savings!


There are so many reasons why installing solar makes sense for your business including: cost cutting, tax advantages, locked in energy costs, brand image enhancement, environmental protection, and so much more.

Why 1st Light

What separates 1st Light Energy from other solar companies is our longevity in the industry, our commitment to solar, and our commitment to you. When we approach a project we’re not just focused on the roof, we care about your home or business as if it was our own.

Client Testimonials

Our first contact with 1st Light Energy Inc., was in April 2014, introducing their company product and options to convert to solar energy. Along with learning the solar process coupled with incentives from 1st Light Energy, federal tax credits, as well as current provider Modesto Irrigation District, we decided to purchase a solar system for our home. 1st Energy employees, are very well versed in their area of responsibility. Each phase of the project was communicated by resident experts who guided the job to completion. The installation crew were all journeyman level craftsmen. When considering converting to Solar Energy Power, I highly recommend 1st Light Energy Inc. as part of your due diligence, considerations.

Gary and Julia Bonar

My husband and I are very happy with our installation of solar panels. This company offered us very good services. We thank 1st Light Energy for giving us this type of energy that not only benefits us but also benefits the planet. They have great, honest, and respectful workers that explained everything really well. They were very patient with our questions and doubts. We felt very comfortable with them and we recommend this program.

The Padilla Family

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