1st Light Energy Partners with Lift

1st Light Energy, one of the nation’s leading solar energy companies, will officially launch their Sales Origination Dealer Program on June 1, 2017 in partnership with Lift John Frampton, Lift’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, previously ran the International Direct Sales Program for Tesla-owned SolarCity.

1st Light Energy Inc. was founded in October of 2004 and is staffed by professionals who have worked in the solar industry since the late 1990’s. 1st Light’s mission from the start has been to provide environmentally friendly alternative energy solutions that generate ongoing financial returns for residential and commercial property owners. Besides being one of the country’s longest running solar energy companies, 1st Light Energy has distinguished itself by handling the solar panel installation process from start to finish.

With their new partnership, 1st Light Energy and Lift are launching a unique Sales Origination Dealer Program that will leverage 1st Light’s operational strength with Lift’s national network of solar professionals. Justin Krum, 1st Light’s Founder and CEO, believes the decision to bring in outside consultants will ultimately pay dividends for the company and its customers:

“Working with a direct sales master like John Frampton will imbue this dealer program with the consistency and clarity necessary to unify and scale our sales force. By increasing the size of our sales teams, we will be able to bring environmentally friendly and cost efficient solar energy to more Americans.”

Before founding Lift, John Frampton served as the Senior Vice President of Direct Sales at the Elon Musk-owned SolarCity, the largest residential solar company in the world. As the founder of SolarCity’s Direct Channel, Frampton grew the group to more than 1,500 employees in less than 4 years while expanding the retail and door-to-door divisions into 14 states. John is looking forward to working with 1st light in this next venture, considering the company’s longstanding reputation in the solar field:

“1st Light has an impeccable customer service history, in large part thanks to their seamless installation process. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a better fulfillment company in the solar industry, let alone one that has been in business as long as they have. Their coast-to-coast footprint will allow us to launch immediately, nationwide, with the confidence that we are providing our dealers with an unrivaled B2B experience.”

1st Light and Lift will launch sales effective immediately in CA, UT, MA, NH, RI, CT, NY, NJ, MD, SC, MN, GA, NC, PA and NV with expansion plans for Las Vegas in June.

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