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Significant energy savings and tax advantages

We have exceptional experience with commercial solar

Over the past twelve years, 1st Light Energy has worked on commercial projects of all shapes and sizes. With over 300 commercial electric solar systems installed, 1st Light Energy has the experience required to take on your business’ solar needs.

No matter the size of your facility, the nature of your industry, or the location of your business – there are significant benefits gained by purchasing a solar electric system from 1st Light Energy.

Commercial Projects

Extra Space Storage
Sites Installed: 154
Avg. System Size: 85 kW
Est. Annual Production: 18,466,602 kWh

Extra Space Storage

Many locations in the United States

Gallo Center for the Arts
System Size: 35 kW
Est. Annual Production: 52,500 kWh

Gallo Center For the Arts

Modesto, CA

Frog's Leap Winery

Frog’s Leap Winery

Rutherford, CA

ABVI Goodwill
System Size: 50 kW
Est. Annual Production: 75,000 kWh

ABVI Goodwill

Rochester, NY

Oakdale Golf and Country
System Size: 329 kW
Est. Annual Production: 493,500 kWh

Oakdale Golf and Country Club

Oakdale, CA

AOAO Greens of Waikoloa
System Size: 53 kW
Est. Annual Production: 80,325 kWh

AOAO Greens of Waikoloa

Waikoloa, HI

Bank of Stockton
System Size: 146 kW
Est. Annual Production: 219,000 kWh

Bank of Stockton

Modesto, CA

Oakland Yacht Club
System Size: 65 kW
Est. Annual Production: 97,500 kWh

Oakland Yacht Club

Oakland, CA

5 reasons for businesses to go solar !

  1. Significant savings on electrical costs
  2. Locked in energy rate
  3. Tax credit advantages
  4. Brand enhancement
  5. Environmental protection

Why You Need It

Solar will drastically reduce your operating costs at virtually no risk. Establish yourself as a green leader in your community and build a reputation for making environmentally-conscious decisions. This positive image can boost public opinion, improve employee morale, and generate more business from your customers.

Plus, with all that extra money available, you can afford to do more great things to grow your business.

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